COVID-19 Funding

Goodnestone CE Primary School has received £4080 in COVID-19 Catch-up Funding.

During the summer term when our pupils returned to school after the first lockdown, we assessed gap in our pupils’ learning and formulated English and Mathematics action plans. As part of this review we identified writing as an area to support our pupils in catching-up.

We have organised 4 cycles of writing tuition led by a teacher for pupils in Year 2-6 using the catch-up funding. Each cycle lasts 6 weeks and the teacher focuses the sessions on specific areas of development for small groups of up to 4 pupils. The teacher discusses the areas of development with the pupils’ class teacher and they jointly agree on a the focus. The teacher regularly reviews the impact of the tuition and the class teacher monitors this within the pupils learning.

At the end of each cycle the teacher then identifies the next group of pupils who need catch-up support.

The tuition started in the Autumn term and complete one cycle before the third national lockdown.